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Why work with us?

Make a difference

As an MLHD employee, whether directly or indirectly involved in patient care, you play an important role in ensuring healthier, longer and better lives for everyone in Rural NSW.

Location, Location, Location

Covering 125,561 square kilometres, MLHD has 32 Public Hospitals, including 2 Base Hospitals and 13 Multi-Purpose Services.

MLHD is situated in an area of regional NSW often referred to as the “Food Bowl of Australia”. Within easy reach of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra by air, rail and road and with access to the Victorian and NSW ski fields, this region really offers great lifestyle choices! 


In one of Australia’s most diverse agricultural regions, you will find fresh local produce, award-winning wine, livestock production, pastoral crops and all the gourmet experiences that come with having such diverse and fresh ingredients on the doorstep. While our employees enjoy a range of rural lifestyle choices and progressive employment opportunities, they also take advantage of the conveniences of city living without the queues, crowds and traffic. With major cities and also smaller towns and villages, there is an abundance of choice for every lifestyle.

If you’re tired of commuting, seeking a smaller community to raise your family, needing a change of scenery or simply looking for a new level of personal and professional satisfaction, Murrumbidgee Local Health District is the ideal career choice for work/life balance. With rivers, lakes and a wealth of outdoor activities, there’s something to do and see the whole year round - you’ll be amazed at what you have access to!

Flexible and supportive work environment

MLHD recognises the importance of flexible work arrangements in offering mutual benefits for MLHD and its employees. Flexible work options may include part-time work, job-sharing, varying flexible working hours and working from home arrangements. Flexible work arrangements are based on the needs of the specific workplace balanced with the specific needs of the employee, and participation is by agreement of both employer and employee.

MLHD is proud of our workplace culture. We take a proactive approach with the health and well-being of our employees and work at ensuring we have a healthy and safe place of employment. MLHD recorded an enviable record of high scores in the independently conducted YourSay survey during 2013. The survey findings included high team morale, cohesive and informed work teams, strong staff engagement and successful, respectful interpersonal relationships.

Salary packaging

Salary packaging is offered to all MLHD employees. Salary Packaging is a way of organising your income to pay less tax, meaning more money in your bank account each pay and the tax saving is shared 50/50 between employee and employer. For more information, please contact Murrumbidgee LHD’s Salary Solutions team on 1300 305 352.

Health and wellbeing

At Murrumbidgee Local Health District, we believe in caring for our people. Working in the healthcare industry is a rewarding and essential community service, but we do appreciate it can, at times be challenging.

We are here to provide quality health services to our community but we know you are part of that community. We also know that the MLHD family is not the only one that relies on you.

We are fortunate to promote our own individually designed safety and wellbeing initiatives, introduced to remind us all that health and safety is a top priority at MLHD. We want everyone who works within our great organisation to be set up for success and in doing so, we want everyone to finish just as fit and well as when they started their working day; every day.

Focusing on safety, health and wellbeing is ‘just how we do things at MLHD’. This benefits you, your family and our wider communities.

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