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Health Statistics for MLHD

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What's new

  1. Update - Aboriginal Health MLHD - now includes 2016 Census population updates  (Reports)
  2. Our people - 2016 Census profile  (Population) 2nd Release Dec 2017 (contains additional education, occupation and income data)
  3. Life Expectancy for MLHD LGAs (Reports) rel. Nov 2017
  4. 100 People in MLHD - infographic - 2016 Census data
  5. Latest Estimated Resident Populations MLHD by LGA - June 2016  (Population) accessed Sept 2017.
  6. Census 2016 profiles for LGAs  (Population)

Reports & Links

  • Reports and profiles - Locally based epidemiological reports
  • Links to other data sites 

Population characteristics

Health Stats NSW Health Stats2015


In April 2015 the Health Stats NSW website has been redesigned with enhanced search capabilities and other improvements - check it out.

Click this link to take you to the new MLHD Explorer Page

  • there are Explorer pages for each LGA in NSW - go to the site and click on the "Locations" tab, then the "Local Government Area" tab to find a specific LGA.


HealthStats NSW is the main source of health data for NSW Local Health Districts and Local Government Areas, the web-site is compiled by the NSW Ministry of Health, and provides information on:  

Burden of disease deaths, hospitalisation, life expectancy
Social determinants education, income, pensions, health indicators by socioeconomic status
Environmental determinants air quality, drinking water
Health related behaviours alcohol, overweight, physical activity, nutrition
Health inequalities aboriginal populations, rural and remote, socioeconomic status
Health priorities cancer, communicable disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, injury, mental health, oral health, respiratory disease: asthma, COPD, influenza

Be sure to check the “Using this Report” section if you are unfamiliar with the site www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au/ContentText/Display/FAQ

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