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Metabolic Obesity Service

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is coming to Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital. To be eligible for this surgery, which has previously only been available through private hospitals, you need to be referred by your GP to the Metabolic Obesity Service.

What is the Metabolic Obesity Service (MOS)?

MOS is a service designed to provide access to bariatric surgery in a public hospital. The service is only for those that are willing to consider weight loss surgery to manage their obesity.

MOS is an extensive pre and post-surgical program that will provide education and support around healthy diet and lifestyle choices. The MOS team includes doctors, nurses, dietitians, mental health clinicians and physiotherapists who will work with you and your GP to tailor an individual program. It is recognised that this is not an easy journey so you will be encouraged to bring along a family/support person to assist you in your journey.

The MOS program will be conducted over several months and consist of:

  • Group introduction session
  • Nutrition education sessions
  • Exercise education sessions
  • Counselling sessions
  • Regular review by MOS team
  • Group surgery information session
  • Referral (when ready) for bariatric surgery
  • Surgery
  • Post-surgery nutrition education
  • Post-surgery exercise education
  • Post-surgery counselling, if required

Am I committed 100% to having surgery?

To gain access to the MOS you must be willing to consider surgery as an option to manage your obesity but this does not mean that you have to have surgery. There will be a number of people that as they receive education around healthy diet and lifestyle no longer feel that surgery is for them. Likewise, the MOS team in conjunction with you, your family/support and GP may decide that you are not a candidate or ready to have surgery.

Who is eligible for MOS program?

Bariatric surgery is not for every obese or overweight person. The general criteria for admission to MOS is:

  • > 18years of age
  • BMI ≥ 35 with obesity related diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnoea/snoring, high blood pressure, certain cancers
  • Have tried other weight loss programs, diets and exercise with some success but may have gained weight again
  • Are a non-smoker, or willing to cease
  • Have considered bariatric surgery or wondered if it is for you

The above criteria is a guide only and people that fall outside this criteria may be admitted once the referral is assessed by the MOS Team.

How to access?

Admission to the MOS is only via referral from your GP. You will need to make an appointment to discuss participating in the program with your GP. Together you and your GP will complete the Referral Form, Assessment of Abdominal Symptoms, and Health Survey Forms. These 3 forms will then be sent to the MOS.

One of the MOS team will then be in contact with you to invite you and a support person to a group education session that will outline the MOS program and provide basic education around diet and exercise. Following this group session, you will receive individual appointments to see the various members of the MOS team.

Information for Patients

Information for GPs
- What is MOS
- Referral process 

For further information contact us:

Ph: 0436 680 198 MOS Nurse


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