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Engagement Framework

Levels of public involvement and influence[1] - determined by purpose of engagement

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5







Information Gathering





When factual information is being provided to explain a program/new service:



Patient information

Consumer Information

Health information

Media releases

Public health warnings

Communication Strategy



No commitment to act on information/views collected:



Consumer surveys

Patient Care Experience data

Equip activity



Two-way information exchange where groups are affected by outcome – opportunity to influence that outcome.


Issue specific consumer focus groups

Service Planning consultations

Equip consultations




Increased capacity for communities to shape decisions that affect them – shared agenda/vision


Board governance role

LHAC involvement



Communities are empowered to actively influence and manage decision making processes


Partnership approach

Examples of current activity

  • Beat the Heat Program
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities Leaflet


  • Essentials of Care Initiative
  • Eurobodalla Health of the community survey
  • Physical Activity in Older Men project


  • CCC meetings
  • Specific issue communities eg Pambula, Yass
  • Working Together - Aboriginal Cancer Services Program
  • Aboriginal Health Impact statements
  • Dementia Volunteer Program
  • Mental Health Consumer Participation model
  • Kitchen Garden Project
  • Healthy Communities/ Local Government projects
  • Existing ‘engagement’ activity is often consultation rather than true participation


No existing actions as yet in SNSW LHD that enables communities to manage a process and develop solutions themselves

Agents rather than patients

Better informed decision making and care planning

Advocacy capacity enhanced

Genuine collaboration on priority issues

Empowerment of communities


[1] Adapted from Health Canada’s Public Involvement Continuum, Policy Toolkit for Public Involvement in Decision Making, 2000.

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