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Community Engagement

Building strong and positive relationships with our communities

SNSW Local Health District is committed to working together with consumers and community members and groups to engage and involve local communities in health service planning and delivery.  To make this happen, the LHD has created a range of ways in which consumers and community members can contribute ideas and views that help shape a health service that meets the needs of the local population.

The Southern NSW Local Health District demonstrates its commitment to community participation by:

  • Selecting the most appropriate method to engage with the community
  • Being open and frank in consultations
  • Providing avenues for the community to provide both positive and negative feedback on community needs and perspectives
  • Identifying community members who will be able to provide relevant input
  • Recognising and acknowledging the value of the input from the community.

Why is it important to engage with communities?

  • It is a democratic right to be able to voice views on issues that directly affect you/your community
  • Participation improves service quality and safety and helps Health District gain accreditation
  • Health outcomes are improved
  • Services are able to be more responsive to needs of consumers
  • Relationships are established that support innovation and future engagement activity

Health services have a responsibility to enable people to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care.(1) SNSW LHD is committed to ensuring that a range of ways in which consumers and communities can participate in the way health care is delivered.

Southern NSW LHD Community Engagement Framework

An overarching framework has been developed that outlines the range of community engagement activities that are and will be participated in at all levels and access points within the Health District.  This framework serves as a guide for the Board, the LHD staff and consumers and communities to work together to improve the planning and delivery of health services.

Why do we need a Community Engagement Framework?

  1. An effective health system/community engagement model is good practice and assists in delivering health services that more appropriately match the needs of the rural communities they operate within.
  2. A consumer centred health system builds the capacity of individuals, communities and health districts to collaborate to address health priorities.
  3. An effective community engagement framework supports the participation of marginalized groups and achievement of health equity goals.


Table showing SNSW LHD multi-level approach to Community Engagement

Community Engagement

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