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Pambula Health Service Community Engagement Committee (PHSCEC)

PHSCEC acts both as a community advocate as well as an informed and reliable information source on public health services. The Committee’s focus will cover but not be exclusive to the following areas: 

  • Providing informed comment on local health service delivery and whether or not it  is meeting the needs of the community in terms of quality, access and equity.  
  • Informing and shaping community input into planned health capital works for the Pambula and wider Bega Valley community. 
  • Increasing community knowledge and understanding of health issues.  
  • Advocating for community views at a local and district level.  
  • Providing advice and support to Pambula Health Service staff.

PHSCEC Recommendations with a summary of the SNSWLHD Board's response


For additional information on the PHSCEC, please reference following links:


Committee Documents

PHSCEC Future Health Report

Summary of PHSCEC Report

Community Consultation Panel December 2012 Report

Pambula Health Service Community Engagement Committee (PHSCEC) Terms of Reference

PHSCEC Code of Conduct

PHSCEC Members



PHSCEC Communique 01

PHSCEC Communique 02

PHSCEC Communique 03

PHSCEC Communique 04

PHSCEC Communique 05

PHSCEC Communique 06

PHSCEC Communique 07

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Meeting Notes

PHSCEC Meeting 1 May 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 5 June 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 26 June 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 10 July 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 31 July 2014

PHSCEC Meetings 7, 14 and 21 August 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 11 September 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 25 September 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 30 October 2014

PHSCEC Meeting 13 November 2014

PHSCEC December Meeting

PHSCEC Meeting Summary February 2015

PHSCEC Meeting March 2015

PHSCEC Meeting April 2015

PHSCEC Meeting May 2015

PHSCEC Meeting June and July 2015

PHSCEC Meeting August - October 2015

PHSCEC Meeting November 2015 - January 2016

PHSCEC Meeting February - April 2016

PHSCEC Meeting May - July 2016





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